Helsinki Travel Award given to Flow Festival, Löyly, Allas Sea Pool and Jaakko Blomberg

Helsinki Tourism Foundation announced the winners of the annual Helsinki Travel Award on Wednesday 26 October, 2016. This year, the prizes were awarded to four different operators who all share a strong vision of Helsinki’s attraction.

The goal of the Helsinki Travel Award is to highlight parties and actions that have had a positive impact on the development of tourism, reputation and customer satisfaction in the Helsinki region. This year the award is worth 20 000 euros.

The prizes were awarded to Flow Festival, Löyly, Allas Sea Pool and Jaakko Blomberg from Yhteismaa. The prize was distributed evenly so that each was awarded a prize worth of 5000 euros.

Flow Festival attracts thousands of tourists each year to enjoy one of the world’s best festivals and enables them to get to know Helsinki’s urban culture. Löyly’s charming architecture and business idea based on Finnish sauna has made fans all over the world. Allas Sea Pool is a great example of how enjoyable Helsinki’s waterfronts can be. Jaakko Blomberg was given the prize for his achievements in developing lively and social events in Helsinki. Blomberg has taken part in founding several urban events such as Cleaning Day, Kallio Block Party and Dinner under the sky.

“Tourism in Helsinki has significant potential, but everyone has to work together to fulfil it. All the awardees are bold, innovative and they have developed Helsinki’s tourism greatly. Thanks to them, there are new and interesting experiences and events”, says Risto Lintula, CEO of the Helsinki Tourism Foundation.

“Flow Festival is a wonderful urban city festival and one of Helsinki’s and Finland’s best known events. Löyly has also received a lot of international media attention for its architecture and its modern take on traditional sauna culture. Allas Sea Pool is a fine example of combining private capital, crowd funding and public funding. Jaakko Blomberg from Yhteismaa has brought social urban culture to Helsinki and made the city an even more interesting place for tourists and locals alike”, he continues.

Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen was awarded an acknowledgement for his vision of making Helsinki a fun city. At the moment, Helsinki is growing and evolving at an unprecedented pace.

More information:

CEO Risto Lintula, 0400 703346

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