The Helsinki Tourism Foundation supports projects and deeds that enhance the development and co-operation of the tourism industry in the metropolitan Helsinki region. It helps to produce and distribute studies and research conducted in the industry, and organizes events, seminars and other forms of communication.

The Foundation gives grants, scholarships and awards, initiates discussion in the tourism industry and organizes competitions that aim to develop the industry.

In 2015, the Helsinki Tourism Foundation handed out the first Helsinki Travel Awards. The Awards are given out annually in October to distinguished parties, who have positively developed the industry, its reputation or its customer service. The value of Helsinki Travel Awards is altogether 10 000 euro.

The Board of Helsinki Tourism Foundation

Mikko Leisti, C.E.O.
Jouni Vihmo, Deputy C.E.O.
Kari-Jussi Aho
Kristiina Havas
Suvi Kallio
Elise Pietarila
Ville Relander